Why hire party packages? Help cut single use plastic!

We know that a party of 10 children normally leads to over 50 single use items ending up in landfill!

In a recent article by the BBC (Lucy John), they point out how hiring party packages help cut plastic waste.  A UK mum who has set up an initiative to hire out party packages, estimates she has saved about 500 disposable plates, cups and bowls from ending up in landfill!  This initiative is being taken up by other UK mums and dads.

There are many different ways A PARTY TO REMEMBER have tried to be environmental friendly.  We have chosen decorations that are not made from flimsy throw away plastic.  Our buntings, table cloths and stool covers are made from washable fabric.

The plates, bowls, cups and cutlery we provide are eco- friendly and have been chosen by A PARTY TO REMEMBER to reduce waste.   We provide a wash kit for your party which includes a bucket, washing up liquid, brush, sponge and tea-towel so your party guests can get involved in washing their tableware after use.

Our hanging decorations (where possible) are laminated to ensure they can be reused and remain looking new!

To read the full BBC article Click here !