How to save money on kids parties! Check out our low cost party ideas!


Stock up when there are sales! During each weekly grocery shop look out for sales on lollies, chocolates, chips, cooking ingredients, prizes for games etc.  This can save you heaps and also helps spread the cost out.

Take advantage of marked down stock after Christmas, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Australia Day etc.  I usually purchase Christmas paper (plain gold, silver etc) as a large roll and use this during the year as birthday wrapping paper!


Although we 100% recommend the Cake Garden (please check on their website! the cakes are truly amazing!!) if you are on a budget, you can make an amazing cake by baking your own.  You can use your own cake tin or hire a cake tin from a number of places in Perth.  Use pre-made edible images or cake toppers (these can also multi serve as presents for your child).  Making your own cake or buying store brought (and decorating yourself) can give you a huge sense achievement when you rejoice at your finished product!

Homemade ice-cream cakes are also awesome!! and Easy!!!

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Have a party at home or in one of our local free parks.  If your having a party at home, make sure to pack in lots of games!  Bored kids tend to start looking for their own excitement!  Try good old games like Eat the Donut off a String, Bobbing for Apples, Musical Bobs, Statues, Duck-duck-goose.  Try pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, or make your own version – pin the tail on catboy?  pin the hammer on Thor?  pin the tail on your mermaid?

Hire out a hall or playgroup if you want a hassle free experience!  You have the option of a party inside but NOT AT HOME!   The Parkerville Playgroup is one great example.  If you want an indoor/outdoor party but not at home, hire a hall from your local playgroup.  For a very small fee you have access to all of the playgroup toys, outdoor playground, tables and chairs, highchairs etc. You turn up an hour before to set up. There is a great kitchen with an oven, microwave and fridge to use.  There are adult and kids size toilets and baby changing facilities.  The party guests will have a great time playing with safe, sturdy toys!  At the end of the party, you pack away, clean up and you're done!


Mail, Email or Fbook invites.  This is a biggy for me...If your not going to invite the whole class, design something groovy and save the politics involved with who's invited and who's not.   INCLUSION is powerful and who wants to be left out this early on in life...if you can... the more the merrier I say! but if you can't there is no point parading it!  If you are considering inviting lots of kids, we recommend doing one large table (made of 4 x kids tables) and a food table.  Most kids will be up and down playing so this provides a good space to fit most kids when its cake time!

When deciding on your invite... way up the cost of each.  Fbook invites and email are definitely low cost.  You can make one creative invite then take a picture or design one on your computer and save as a JPEG file....or simply upload a photo of your child and let Facebook do the rest!  If you are posting invites, consider doing your own mail delivery (of local addresses) as postage these days is ridiculous!


What is the point of spending heaps of dollars on creating A PARTY TO REMEMBER when we are your go to people!!!

Let's face it... your child will be obsessing over something else next year, so why buy stuff that you will only horde and never reuse again!  Let me horde it for you!


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