I hate organising my kid’s birthday parties. There, I read it!

Now this article made me laugh!

I know I've heard this before from other mums...so if this is you...fear not, you're not alone! I promise!

There is always the struggle of pulling off a memorable kids party, that doesn't end in the parents being divorced, or the mum in hospital having a nervous breakdown!   I mean... talk about STRESSFUL!!

There is the invites, the decorations, the cake, the food and what happens if you forget to invite someone (bad)... or if no one turns up (worse), or the weather ruins the whole event! (nightmare!)

I recently came across an article in Kindling News & Features titled 'I hate organising my kids'birthday parties.  There I said it" (CLICK HERE) and had a relate-able chuckle, picturing so many people I know, writing this very article!  I mean I'm in the party business and I find it stressful haha!!

So what is the gold standard of parties?  What makes them great?  What are people's go to strategies for pulling it off?  What is your worse nightmare? What do people like outsourcing the most?  What do people like creating on their own?....Please send me a comment!

I know I try to keep costs to a minimum in ALL of our hire items.  It's important to me that the average mum can afford to outsource when she is in need of a hand, time poor, working fulltime, juggling kids, life etc   I mean, who wants to fork out tons of money over an event that is over in a matter of hours, yet saves our sanity?  It's the balance right?

So what essentially makes the whole party process easier?  Give me your thoughts!  How can we help?

Want us to take care of your next party for you?

Let us know what you need a hand with!