Isolation Parties!

So this year has been a strange one for us all!

No one imagined at the start of March that we would be cancelling our kids birthday parties left, right and center and looking for ways to celebrate their milestone on lockdown!

No one knew this would be the year of having an ISO celebration, a pandemic party, a social distance soiree, a quarantine function, a virtual gathering!  But like all things it was embraced and parents all around the world continued to offer A Party to Remember!

As restrictions are beginning to lift in Western Australia (from May 18th 2020, social gatherings with 20 people are on the approved list!) we are seeing parents go back to planning their kids traditional birthday parties.

In the meantime I wanted to take the opportunity to capture some of the great ideas I saw happen during this time!

Isolation drive bys

This is the party where the birthday person stays home and invites people to come past their house and shout, yell, sing "happy birthday" from the comfort of their car!

There has been some great variations of this, which have included the handing out of lolly bags, these gorgeous handmade cookies from Petite Sweet Studio, cupcakes for a mad eagles supporter ....yumm!

The exchange of presents, the decorations of vehicles!

This year we held a brekky party for my son's 6th birthday which included his friends coming over before school to have a picture in front of our superhero banner and collect a brekky muffin and pancake!  It was a lovely start to the day and I will admit I loved not having to clean my house, have it trashed or cook food that gets wasted (as the kids are too busy playing!)

Special deliveries!

Our friends at Whimsical Balloons were busy delivering beautiful gifts inside balloons, providing balloons in various shapes and sizes!  Imagine opening your front door to these gorgeous bespoke balloons!

Birthday Cakes

Just because you're in lockdown, doesn't mean you don't deserve cake!  Check out these yummy cakes by The Cake Garden and Wildflower Home Kitchen.  Cakes are an awesome way to celebrate an ISO party at home!  But these ones look too good to eat!

Local Cafe Mojo Mundaring also got involved in making delivery birthday cakes, with this one being delivered by a very special lady!


Cafe Mojo Mundaring
Cafe Mojo Mundaring
Cafe Mojo Mundaring
Cafe Mojo Mundaring
Cafe Mojo Mundaring
Cafe Mojo Mundaring

A Buzz was created with these invites!

Jomarelle assisted families by designing handmade, one of a kind party invites and even offered clients the option of saving a trip to the post office by stamping and sending these on their behalf!


Need some pixie dust?

The lovely Ruby Rainbow the Fairy was still out spreading some much needed cheer with many parents requesting a one on one visit.  Ruby Rainbow the Fairy serenaded the birthday person with her amazing voice and infectious smile!

Decorate your lounge room!

What's a lock down without a bit of decorations!  Such a simple, affordable and fun way to make your kid feel loved!

So while restrictions continue to lift, can we host drive by parties next year?  I mean.... who else found being low key was just what the doctor ordered!

Our backdrops and themed decorations can be used anywhere!  So why not go back to basics where we can ....

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